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Sahil Aujla

Digital Craftsman ( Developer / Designer / Poet )

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I am a smart contract developer working with a Canadian startup, I also do freelancing on the side. I can make NFT minting dapps, DAOs, DEXs etc. I like to write complex smart contracts and explore the possibilities of Web 3.0.


2003Born in Chandigarh.
2014Went to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya UNA ( lived and studied in hostel for 7 years ).
2018Passed the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE).
2019Completed class 10th (CBSE) with 95.3% marks.
2021Completed class 12th (CBSE) with 94.4% marks.
2021Worked at Sniffles.nft as a full-stack web3 developer.
2022Taught smart contract development at LearnWeb3DAO.
2022Moved to Toronto, Canada.
2022 - PresentI Work as a smart contract developer with a Canadian startup and do freelancing on the side.

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Coding, Travelling, Poetry, Music

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